charmalee_3_2010_12Caroline Kurkcuoglu and Kim Scott are the founders of the Collaborative Counseling Center and have developed a method for working together to meet the needs of the individual, the couple and the family. For example, often a couple will come to therapy for relationship issues. At times couples therapy is all that is needed. At other times each member of the couple may also benefit from individual therapy to help them explore old triggers, which might be contributing to their relationship problems. Individual therapy in conjunction with couple’s therapy can enhance and speed up the resolution of relationship issues. On these occasions, one of the Collaborative Counseling Center therapists will see the husband and the other will see the wife (with the appropriate releases signed, of course), the therapists will confer and consult with each other to make sure the best possible treatment is provided for both. Then, when couple’s therapy begins, both therapists will be in the session working together and providing support for the individuals. This approach gives the couple the benefit of 2 therapists guiding the sessions and helping the couple resolve their differences.

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