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Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation

We all have busy lives and are bombarded with potential stressors many times during the day.  This constant barrage can stifle our natural relaxation response.  The Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation is a 20 minute guided meditation to help you reawaken your body’s natural relaxation response. Play or Download Now (Right-Click “Save As” to Download)

resilience cover1

Daily Practices to Strenghten your Resilience contains tips to help you strenghten your resilience and help you bounce back faster when faced with hardships.  A strong resilience is an important inner resource to cultivate on the road to happiness, success and fulfillment.  Read or Download Now

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Awareness of a behavior is the first step on the path to change.  So often, we go about our routine, paying little conscious attention to the constant chatter of our thoughts.    Buddhists call this the “monkey mind” because just like the monkey swings from branch to branch, our mind swings from thought to thought.  Quite often our self thoughts are unhelpful, hurtful, obsolete or untrue.  Belief in these negative thoughts can lead to anxiety, stress, depression and low self esteem.  Through Using Awareness as a tool for change you can learn to calm your mind and pay attention to your thoughts.  Allowing you to discard those that are no longer useful to you.  Read or Download Now